I Am..

I am an engineer. Well that is what my degree says. Writing is my passion. Writing completes me. I am a super candid person! But I never judge anyone.

I respect people from all religions, races, sexual orientations, looks, caste, creed, musical tastes (though I am not a huge death metal fan ha!)..

I firmly believe in Karma- What goes around comes around. So better be nice people! LOL

What do I look Like? This is me…


10 Responses

  1. Good work. Excellent articles.

  2. You are great and brave.

    Wish you every success,

    I have a lot to learn from you,

  3. Wow… Just wana ask… How many websites u got…. lolz. U write more than one can imagine… May God help you prosper and your writings flourish

  4. Wonderful intitiation. Sorry for joining the club late. How do I submit links of health related articles?

  5. Hey there awsome site and i can related to the content.
    Being an IBS sufferer for 3 years i managed to find some solutions to my problem through proper diet and probiotics. 4 months later i dont have any pain and i can eat almost whatever i want. I love helping people that why i started my own blog to share my suggestions and the ways i found to heal my IBS

  6. Thank you very much for commenting on my site.

  7. Hi!
    What a fabulous site, beautifully presented and the articles are extremely informative and well written. As all the many articles you wrote on triond, I enjoyed your site very much.
    Bravo and keep up the good work!
    Warmest ragards,

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