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52 Responses

  1. Hi There,

    Find our poetry on FB.

    follow me on Twitter @left_writer

  2. Poem is soothing like the wind

  3. Hello hello!

    My new poetry blog is located at

    All feedback welcome,

    Many thanks

  4. Hi

    I’m into politically, socially and emotionally engaging poetry. My blog is;

    Many thanks

  5. Hi Rox, glad to be here again. Here is my latest poem :

    Tomorrow is Another Day
    A short poem about hope and cheerfulness inspite of daily challenges in life.


  6. Hi Rox! My latest poem at Associated Content. Thanks.

    Tommorow is Another Day
    A short poem about hope and cheerfulness inspite of the daily challenges in life.

  7. This is a departure for me, but I have started posting the first pieces of what I hope someday turns out to be a novel. Hope you all will stop by and check out the first two installments.

  8. Hi Everyone! I’m so sorry that i haven’t been in here for quite a long time. These days i just don’t know why i get bad net connection so often. so slow. I so want to read some of your writes but i can’t right now. Please forgive me.
    Here are a few that i was able to publish after a lot of refreshing and restarting of my browser lol.

    I’ll wait till that day:

    Would I Ever Find:

    Rain, Rain:

    Is this the unfortunate sign:

    My heart:

    Thanks again to all my viewers. I totally appreciate all the Likes and comments you leave on my articles! Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Can I offer these three efforts please, Phoenix

    You are still doing a great job


  10. Hello everyone. I write poetry and post on Triond.

  11. Hi Everyone,
    I am new here, Am from Pakistan,
    Yeah yeah the terrorist country,
    Well my poems are mostly based on love and hurting in love. I called my love, the fallen

    angel….. and she was a fallen angel i guess…

    My Profile on Associated Content is

    My Poems are

    Drowning In my Own Tears

    Poison By an Angel


    She Loved me all along

    A Fallen Angel who never Loved Me

    • I just wanted to let you know that you are quite gifted – and it doesn’t matter where you are from or where you live – we are glad you are here to share your poetry with us!

  12. I have to thank you all for working on this club. THANK YOU, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I hope this is helping in some small way!

    • Small way! This site helps in a Big way sis! Thanks for organizing such a site. God Bless u 🙂

  13. Love to join Please sign me up Rox

  14. Here is one of my favorites about a search for a truer death beyond the physical body…

  15. Hi,
    Good luck for this new Poetry Club. Please check out my two poems on triond:
    Best wishes to all, and bravo Phoenix!
    Take care,

  16. Hi Rox, I hope and wish you all the success in your mission.
    I am there till the end. With reagrds..Dr.P.Elayaraja – Poet

  17. Rox…Much success in this new venture…glad to see that you are getting considerable support this early on…that is great. Hope I get to participate if the membership committee gives me the okay to join. Thanks.

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