Things Orthodontists or Dentists Won’t Tell You


So tell me this. Did you Orthodontists or Dentists ever tell you that misaligned teeth can cause headaches, and I mean bad headaches?

Did you know that bleeding gums could be a sign for diabetes? If you don’t know this, you might want to go through what your Orthodontists or Dentists did not tell you.

It is important to know this, especially if you have kids.

Fatal Water Poisoning or Water Intoxication


I knew that drinking too much water in a shot can cause problems. But I had no clue what Fatal water poisoning was, until I did some research.
Know what too much water can do to you.


Image by madaise via Flickr


Hidradenitis Suppurativa or HS- A Skin Disease Anyone Can Get


‘Hidradenitis suppurativa’ or HS is a non-contagious skin condition or disease that you need to know about. Till a while back, I did not know about its existance. Now I realize that anyone of us can get it. Watch out for the Signs of  ‘Hidradenitis suppurativa’ or HS.
Don’t be ignorant about this.

Siesta: The Power Nap


Siesta is defined as   ‘A short nap in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal or lunch’.
Siesta can actually help reduce risks of – cardiovascular diseases, eye problems and stress issues. See what Siesta , the Power Nap can do for you.

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Japanese Water Therapy:For a Good Life


Japanese Water Therapy has several health benefits. Japanese believe that it can help fight High BP, Kidney diseases, Constipation and even Diabetes. This is how you can  benefit from Japanese Water Therapy.
But remember to go through Fatal water Poisoning, before you start.


Acne Myths Revealed


I am not a doctor, but I have several doctors in the family .This information is authentic. People say stuff like eating chocolate and spicy food can cause acne. Wrong, wrong, wrong!! See what other Acne Myths are just that,  ‘Myths’.


Herbal Green Tea Helps Fight Diabetes


Green tea can save your life in more ways than one. It has anti-oxidants that  help you look and feel younger.
Not just this, Green tea can help fight diabetes and this has been proved scientifically. If you don’t believe this crazy chick, see how
Don’t wait till you get diabetes to act!
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